Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Fireplaces from the junkyard

Many people want their hearths in the garden do without, even if it requires a permit to have an open fire. Of course, there are also seasonal times when one must make a fire, but what about the rest of the year. Fireplaces are naturally always fraught with danger, and require a great deal of responsibility and attention. As a general rule one should fireplaces create the garden when they are not on the floor blaze and are enclosed in a protective housing.

 Some one has to be for this reason quite a Clue. There's nothing like finally a cozy Kn√§ckerchen in domestic court, if you would like to sit outside and it is not quite as summery as you would like. Besides the traditional grills to offer other methods. Suitable apparatus, for example, an old washing machine drum honored as fire stand for the stand you have to take care of course. For this offer, for example, on bricks or something similar, may be inferior to the.

Who is the welding expert who can also construct a corresponding frame. Only one thing is true: it must be fireproof. Also, there are commercially known as fire bowls (or fire pots), and designed to protect the underlying soil. In the commercial you get them from about 50 euros, but also has an elegant fireplace. The fire bowls are made ​​of cast iron. Any person having not quite as optical claim, but places more emphasis on the meaning and purpose, and want to save money, which can look around at the junkyard and will surely find something fireproof, which is just as well. For example, the Gulli deployments that are galvanized. When urban yard can ask themselves whether such was recently decommissioned and on which it has landed junkyard. Smaller metal trays serve their purpose in this regard as well.